The MYL Promise: Beyond the Conventional

At MYL BERLIN, sustainability isn’t a mere concept; it’s the essence of our creation. It's a philosophy that underpins every creation, every design, and every decision we make. We believe in a future where fashion and responsibility dance in harmony, and belong together, crafting a world that thrives on the beauty of preservation and the strength of innovation.

Crafting Futures: Your Piece, Our Planet 



The Saddle Leather Paradigm: A Symbol of Resilience 

Our quest for sustainability guides us to the roads less traveled; we see potential where others see waste. Our saddle leather bags defy expectations, transforming a byproduct into sophisticated, timeless bags. Strong, durable, and water-resistant, they embody our commitment to giving new life to overlooked materials. This is a deeply rooted ethos at MYL – we live this in every aspect, not only sustainability.

Saddle leather deemed too challenging by many. Yet, in our hands, they transform into modern marvels—bags that defy expectations with their durability, elegance, and inherent resilience.

Together: A Bold Stand for a Brighter Future 

We challenge conventions and redefine luxury. In the tapestry of tomorrow, MYL BERLIN stands resolute, a beacon of innovation and stewardship. We are not just crafting fashion; we are Crafting a Future, together. Our hands, guided by the Regenerative Power of Design, weave a new narrative for luxury—one that honors the planet and its inhabitants. emerging as timeless pieces that speak volumes of our Bold Stand for a Brighter Future.

German Craftsmanship

Excellence Rooted in Tradition 

Originating from Germany, we carry the legacy of meticulous artisanry. Our products are a tribute to the renowned precision and quality rooted in the tradition of excellence in manufacturing, ensuring longevity and sustainability. Each piece, from runway to reality, is a testament to the meticulousness and ingenuity that define us.

Zero Waste Cutting: Crafting with Conscience 

In the realm of sustainable fashion, MYL BERLIN is pioneering a path with our Zero Waste Cutting initiative. This approach is not just about reducing waste; it’s about rethinking our relationship with materials and embracing a future where every scrap of fabric has value. Our design process is a testament to regeneration, where waste is not an option. By meticulously planning our cutting patterns, we ensure that every piece of material is used to its fullest potential. minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our creative expression.

Jewelry With Purpose: Durability Meets Sustainability 

Our commitment to the planet is embedded in each piece of jewelry we create. Utilizing 75% recycled stainless steel and employing advanced IP coating techniques, we ensure our accessories are not only elegant but also enduring. Like our commitment to the Earth, our jewelry is designed to withstand the test of time.

The Beauty of Leftovers? In our hands, they bloom into exquisite floral jewelry, highlighting the endless cycle of rebirth and sustainability. This showcases the potential for elegance and luxury in sustainability, demonstrating how creativity can transform waste into wonder.


Patented MYL BERLIN Lip Cuff

Twogether Ring

Redefining Symbols

Iconic Tube

Empowering, Enigmatic & Provocative

Your Wear Them

MYL High-lights You, casting brilliance over shadows, ensuring no aspect of you is ever dimmed

Our Green Canvas ><><><><> The Heartbeat of Sustainability 

Tailored for YOU . Tailored for the EARTH

Your Vision, Our Passion


We’ve integrated a made-to-order system, which is sustainability in action that reduces overproduction. Crafting personalized legacies without excess, your unique measurements guide our hands, and we create each piece specially for you, ensuring no material goes to waste.

Curated Rarity

Exclusivity Meets Ecology

Limited Editions:

Our limited collections are a testament to our belief in quality over quantity. By intentionally limiting our pieces for each design, we embody our dedication to quality, exclusivity, and ecological mindfulness. We advocate for a culture of appreciation and intentional consumption, mitigating waste and fostering a deeper connection between the wearer and their curated wardrobe.

Circularity and Connection

A Unity of Collections 

Imagine Sustainability as a rave in which our collections dance—a harmony and unity of designs that transcend seasons, encouraging a fashion ethos where every piece finds its place over time, and maybe changes later again, who knows? It's a celebration of versatility, where sustainability and style converge, creating a wardrobe that's not just worn but lived. This clique of styles promotes a sustainable fashion culture, where longevity and versatility reign supreme.

We are Weaving Responsibility into Fashion, intertwining the threads of accountability and creativity to dress not just bodies but also souls in the fabric of sustainability.

Together, we stand at the vanguard of change, holding the reins of a movement that redefines what it means to be truly luxurious.

With MYL BERLIN, every choice is a declaration, every design a commitment, and every collection a step towards a sustainable future that we all share.