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born and nurtured in the dynamic landscape of Berlin

A Beacon of Empowerment

We’ve transformed ‘Müll’ into MYL, an emblem of the beauty inherent in diversity and the power of individuality.Our mission is to challenge and reshape societal constructs, creating a haven for those confined by societal norms.
We champion the cause of diversity and the ethos of sustainable fashion.

Designer’s Profile

Sebastian SK

The creative force behind MYL BERLIN the brand he brought to life inspired from Techno Culture and Berlin Art Scene, sees fashion as a powerful medium for challenging societal norms and conveying potent messages.

Each design has and tells a story. His collections are a blend of contrasting ideas that challenge and redefine traditional constructs. At the heart of his work is a deep respect for artisanry, genderless fashion, Sustainability, and inclusivity.

The MYL Story:

From its inception in the vibrant streets of Berlin, MYL BERLIN has stood as a monument to the bold and the unique.

With a name reclaimed from derision, we have turned 'Müll' into MYL, a symbol of beauty in diversity and strength in individuality.

Our journey is a testament to overcoming, a saga penned in the language of exquisite artisanry, inspiring design, genderless fashion, and sustainable luxury.

About myl berlin

A Timeline of Milestones.

Our journey has been one of resilience and triumph.From our participation in the Berlin Fashion Week to our bold and unique collections that have garnered international acclaim, we have managed to spread our message for equality far and wide.

But our greatest achievement is the community we have built, a family of love that transcends conventional boundaries.

Catching the attention of the world-renowned London Fashion Week with its global reach and making MYL BERLIN the sole German fashion brand featured on the official London Fashion Week schedule, alongside esteemed labels like Burberry, Stella McCartney, and more.