Bring your old, beloved clothes to us and we create a custom MYL BERLIN piece.

Keep your memories. Become a designer. Live more sustainably.
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• Sustainable

• Zero waste

• Individual and creative

• Preserve your memories

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Bring your clothes to us

Come on down to our exciting pop-up locations! Bring along your cherished garments or unique fabrics, and let our friendly experts explain the Re:live Fashion system to you. In the meantime, feel free to explore our MYL BERLIN collection more closely and start selecting the styles that catch your eye.

We do the magic

Up next, it's time to measure and scan the materials you've brought in, as well as take your body measurements. From this, we'll create a 3D model to determine the perfect fit just for you! An artificial intelligence system we're currently developing then suggests a handful of new designs that can be made from your provided materials. These suggestions are based on your data and certain style guidelines, all in line with our MYL BERLIN collection.

You'll get back a brand new piece

Our tailors in Berlin then execute the final design using automatically generated patterns, crafted with high precision and top-notch craftsmanship. Sometimes we even add edgy straps, metallic accents, or intricate embroideries. The end result? A unique fashion statement that's quintessentially MYL BERLIN.

Some before and afters

Our 7th model was overjoyed when she received her transformed dress from re:live fashion by MYL BERLIN. Crafted from her old shirts, the garment held sentimental value, reigniting cherished memories in a fresh, modern form. The sustainable aspect of re:live fashion made the experience even more meaningful for her, capturing both her emotional connection to the past and her commitment to a more sustainable future.



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Imagine a wardrobe where nothing ever becomes outdated. We turn your old, cherished clothes into something completely new. Just bring them to our stores or send them to us.

We're not just about fashion; we are a way of life, a statement for sustainable change in a time full of challenges.

With us, our customers are not just buyers, but co-designers.

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Acceptance of Terms: Participation in the Re:live Fashion program by MYL BERLIN entails full acceptance of the terms and conditions (“Terms”) specified herein. It is of paramount importance that you carefully read and comprehend these terms before choosing to participate in our services.

Service Overview

Service Description: The Re:live Fashion initiative offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to breathe new life into their previously loved garments. By working collaboratively with MYL BERLIN's expert team, customers can transform outdated or cherished pieces of clothing into fresh, high-fashion items, embodying MYL BERLIN’s distinctive design ethos.

Public and Private Areas

Store Layout: The MYL BERLIN store is designed to offer a two-tier experience, comprising a public area for general consultation and discussions about fashion trends, as well as a more exclusive private lounge area for in-depth, personalized consultation services. By stepping into our premises, you automatically agree to respect the demarcated boundaries and the respective privacy and functions of these two areas.

User Responsibilities

Material Submission: Clients are obligated to bring their chosen old clothing articles or fabric materials for an initial consultation. All materials must be in a condition that is both clean and suitable for transformation.

Measurement and Scanning: As part of the Re:live Fashion design process, clients are required to undergo body measurements and allow for the scanning of their provided materials. Non-compliance with this requisite will inhibit the client’s ability to partake in the Re:live Fashion experience.

Design Process

Co-Design: Clients are granted the status of co-designers during the transformation process of their garments. While they can suggest modifications and adjustments, such recommendations must adhere to the design philosophy and practical limitations as set by MYL BERLIN.

Design Suggestions: A diverse range of design prototypes will be generated and presented to the client for selection. These options may be formulated either through manual sketches or via our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence system.

Order Confirmation: Official confirmation of orders will only transpire after the final design has been mutually agreed upon and ratified by both MYL BERLIN and the client.

Production and Delivery

Final Product: Once a design is confirmed, MYL BERLIN's experienced tailors, located in the heart of Berlin, will execute the transformation. During this stage, additional design elements such as straps, metallic accents, or embroidery may be included at MYL BERLIN’s discretion.

Intellectual Property

Design Rights: All design prototypes, sketches, and the final transformed products are the sole intellectual property of MYL BERLIN.

Sustainability and Zero-Waste

Material Use: Committed to eco-conscious practices, MYL BERLIN adopts a zero-waste policy, aspiring to utilize every scrap of material provided for the transformation process.

Limitation of Liability

Quality Assurance: While MYL BERLIN exerts the utmost effort to achieve design perfection, we are not liable for any potential discrepancies between the client’s initial expectations and the final delivered product.

Governing Law

Jurisdiction: The aforementioned terms and conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Changes to Terms: MYL BERLIN maintains the unilateral right to modify these Terms at any given time. Any such changes will be promptly updated on this page.


Inquiries: Should you have any questions or require further clarification on these Terms, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at