Autumn / Winter 24 - "I Will Love You Until You Can And A Day More"

BY Sebastian SK
"From the heart of MYL BERLIN, this collection is a dialogue with the soul—a promise of love that transcends time.
Each piece narrates the essence of finding oneself, embraced by the warmth of a chosen family."

A/W 24 Lookbook
London Fashion Week 19.02.2024

Is a testament to the gentle journey of self-discovery, underscored by a commitment that stretches beyond the confines of time. It celebrates the imaginative spirit that guides you lovingly until you find the strength to love yourself.

This collection serves as a refuge, highlighting the journey to self-acceptance at your own pace, free from the rush. Each meticulously crafted piece embodies the essence of unconditional love, symbolizing the support of a chosen family that stands by you through every phase of your journey, without expectations. It's a celebration of warmth, comfort, and the unwavering presence that ensures you never walk alone, regardless of how long it takes to embrace oneself fully.