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MYL Berlin’s ‘Chains of Unity’ at PRESS FACTORY and The Press Days


Sculpting the Future of Fashion with a Genderless Line, Transforming Techno-Inspired Jewelry into Ready-to-Wear Apparel

This season at PRESS FACTORY’s Press Days, MYL Berlin is thrilled to unveil 'Chains of Unity'—a groundbreaking collection that redefines the boundaries between what’s considered accessory and what’s apparel. Hosted in Berlin, this event sets the stage for us to showcase our unique blend of sustainable fashion innovation.

Visionary Platform

PRESS FACTORY's Press Days provide an unparalleled stage for us to present our latest vision. Known for their dynamic influence in the fashion PR domain, PRESS FACTORY offers a space where creative entities like ours can flourish among our community and beyond.

Collection Overview

Chains of Unity' is not just a clothing line; it is a manifesto of our ongoing commitment to innovative, sustainable fashion. This limited yet impactful collection challenges traditional fashion boundaries by transforming techno-inspired jewelry into fully wearable apparel. 

Sustainability Focus

Each piece is crafted with sustainability at its core, using upcycled materials that carry our signature bold aesthetic. This collection continues our commitment to environmentally conscious fashion, employing recycled elements to construct attire that’s as fashionable as it is earth-friendly.

Design Philosophy

The collection embodies our vision of a future where fashion transcends traditional constraints. 'Chains of Unity' is a celebration of the fluidity of identity, echoing the pulsating energy of Berlin’s techno beats transformed into a wearable form.

Community Engagement

Dive deeper with us into the creation of ‘Chains of Unity’ through our exclusive behind-the-scenes content shared across our social media platforms. We invite you to join the conversation and be part of the dialogue that this collection will ignite regarding gender fluidity and sustainability in fashion.  

Event Details:



18th & 19th April 2024


10:00 - 18:00


Press Factory Showroom, 1. Hinterhof, Anklamer Straße 38, 10115 Berlin


We are ecstatic to showcase 'Chains of Unity' at PRESS FACTORYs Press Days and eagerly anticipate the conversations it will spark within the fashion community.

This collection is a catalyst for dialogue on sustainability, breaking gender norms, and celebrating individuality through the art of fashion.


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