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MYL BERLIN Autumn / Winter 24 Collection London Fashion Week

"I Will Love You Until You Can And A Day More" - A Revelatory Journey with MYL BERLIN

Anna Hug for MYL BERLIN Autumn/Winter 24 Collection debut with London Fashion Week

Photo by OZ JOHN

Amidst the creative fervor of the fashion world, MYL BERLIN proudly presented its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, "I Will Love You Until You Can And A Day More," not from the traditional locales of London but directly from the heart of Berlin. This distinctive showcase, streamed live just 30 minutes before the much-anticipated Burberry debut, was part of London Fashion Week and heralded a new era for MYL BERLIN under the visionary direction of Sebastian SK. It celebrated not just fashion, but the profound narratives and emotional depths that define us.

A New Chapter Unfolds Sebastian SK's latest creations marked a bold departure into unexplored territories for MYL. The collection's essence—marrying innovative and traditional craftsmanship—was vividly brought to life through the use of materials and design philosophies. From ethereal mesh to the luxurious warmth of faux fur and leather, each element seamlessly woven into the collection showcased the diversity and innovation at the heart of fashion.

Gigi for MYL BERLIN Autumn/Winter 24 Collection debut with London Fashion Week

Photo by Nordfriisk

An Ingenious Presentation The presentation of the collection was nothing short of revolutionary, transcending the conventional runway show. Hosted at the Lynk & Co Club in Berlin Mitte, the event was a masterful display of logistical creativity and ingenuity. The unique two-floor runway setup allowed for the show to unfold simultaneously across both levels, with models transitioning between floors mid-show causing a continuous flow of surprises, leaving the audience captivated by the unexpected turns of the presentation.

The Deep Resonance of Sebastian SK's Vision The show began in a unique manner with the collection it introduced. The first moments were enveloped in contemplative silence, filled only with Sebastian SK's voice sharing his introspective journey—a powerful narrative that set the stage for the visual spectacle to follow. This opening, inviting attendees into a shared space of reflection and connection, laid the groundwork for the emotional and creative exploration that the collection promised.

Nina Engert - Thesis - Mayila for MYL BERLIN Autumn/Winter 24 Collection debut with London Fashion Week

Photo by Nordfriisk

A Tapestry of Craftsmanship and Innovation The collection featured pieces that blended luxury with innovative design—faux fur coats with leather accents, alpaca suits adorned with sequins, leather dresses showcasing unique metalwork and mesh with leather fringes. Each piece was a story, a character, pushing the boundaries of fashion and reinterpreting design elements.

In Closing: A Family of Love With over 200 attendees and a live stream connecting Berlin to London, MYL BERLIN's show made a statement of resilience, innovation, and the unbreakable bond of the MYL Family. The event, drawing an eclectic mix from cinema, fashion, and the arts, highlighted MYL BERLIN's influence and narrative.

As we reflect on this collection and journey, it's clear MYL BERLIN is crafting legacies of love, acceptance, and unity. "I Will Love You Until You Can And A Day More" is more than a collection—it's a safe space and a celebration of chosen family.

MYL BERLIN stands as a testament to embracing one's true self, supported by a family bound by love and shared dreams. As we move forward, we carry this collection's message in our hearts, ensuring love, innovation, and craftsmanship light the way to a future wherefashion bridges understanding, acceptance, and unity.

Welcome to the family. We are MYL BERLIN—a family of love, dreaming, achieving, and thriving together.

MYL FAMILY at MYL BERLIN Autumn/Winter 24 Collection debut with London Fashion Week

Photo by OZ JOHN

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsors & Family

As Sebastian SK said, “It is their hard work behind the scenes that enabled us to present us.”

The models brought the collection to life with grace and poise, embodying the spirit of each piece they adorned. Our hair and makeup artists worked magic, ensuring every look complemented the narrative of self-love and bold expression we aimed to convey. And, of course, the entire MYL BERLIN team, each played a critical role in orchestrating an event that resonated with so many.

This groundbreaking event would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors. Their contributions played a pivotal role in bringing our vision to life and ensuring the success of our London Fashion Week showcase. We extend our deepest gratitude to:

      • Lynk & Co

      • Sonett

      • SZIGETI

      • Ottenhal

      • And to all our partners who believed in our vision and joined us on this remarkable journey.


    Snaps By Nordfriisk & OZ John


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