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Official Berlin Fashion Week Interview

14 Oct 2022

BFW: Interview with designer Sebastian SK

Designer Sebastian Pladwig about the message he wants to transport through his label and challenges young labels have to face these days.

Dear Sebastian, thank you for your time. Would you introduce yourself as a designer and your brand to us?

My name is Sebastian SK, and I am the designer and founder of “MYL BERLIN”. The brand was founded on the conviction that fashion is more than just great design and craftsmanship, but that fashion can carry a message and has the power to evoke change.

MYL BERLIN stands for the belief in empowerment, showcasing the exhilarating force of diversity and wanting to reach people that might never have to think about topics such as prejudice as they are not affected by it. It’s my mission to break stereotypes and show that some “rules” or “standards” set in the past can be replaced and are out of date. For me, “Empowerment” is something that transcends just gender; empowerment is about sexuality, ethnicity, expression, and so much more. We have to understand that conservative ideologies and stereotypes hinder so many people their entire life, and they miss the opportunity to be themselves.

What are your sources of inspiration and your design philosophy?

MYL BERLIN has a strong mission that often is ridiculed and has to prove itself over and over again – therefore, impeccable craftsmanship, precise materials, and polished designs are vital.

This boutique, though small in size, is vast in its significance to us. It's a space where fashion, culture, and personal expression converge, creating an environment that not only showcases our unique designs but also fosters connections among our cherished MYL family.
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Our exclusive private shopping experience, running until February 29, 2024, is a testament to our commitment to individuality and personal service. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience with our expert stylists, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates with each customer's unique style.

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The success of our Black Friday Bash and the XMAS Sale Extravaganza highlighted the festive spirit and the joy of giving, with special offers and personalized gift options. These events were more than sales; they were celebrations of our collective passion for fashion and community.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the MYL Family Holiday Gathering on December 9, 2023. This upcoming event is not just a celebration, but a symbol of the warm, inviting atmosphere we cherish. It promises to be a day filled with Glühwein, delightful snacks, and festive cheer, offering an opportunity for friends and loved ones to connect and create lasting memories in true MYL style.

Our Berlin Boutique is a beacon of what MYL BERLIN stands for. Every event, every interaction, is a reflection of our values and our dedication to creating an inclusive, empowering environment. We are deeply grateful to our incredible team and loyal customers whose support and enthusiasm continue to inspire us. Together, we look forward to many more moments of fashion, connection, and celebration, making each visit to our boutique a unique journey into the essence of MYL BERLIN. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey and our family.

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