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SS24 London Fashion Week - Nights Of Ecstasy Recap

02 Oct 2023

NoE SS24 Recap

In a world where fashion often skims the surface, MYL Berlin plunges into the depths. On September 15, 2023, we shattered the mold, presenting a runway show that was as much a social commentary as it was a fashion spectacle. We called it the "Nights of Ecstasy," and if you weren't there, let's take you on a journey through an evening that Berlin—and the world—won't forget.

The Atmosphere: Full Of Emotions

Kühlhaus Berlin, an industrial marvel that encapsulates the raw spirit of the city, housed our vision across its 4th and 5th floors. The walls pulsated with the bass of our original track, a soul-stirring composition that questioned norms, shattered barriers, and echoed the inner turmoils we all experience. The runway—a two-floor complex maze of turns and stairs—was not just a pathway but a metaphorical journey through the struggles and triumphs of our community.

Nights of Ecstasy 2

The Collection: A Manifesto in Fabric

The garments were not just clothes; they were statements. Neon lights bled into fabrics, creating an iridescent glow of greens and yellows, contrasted by deep blacks and shimmering silvers. Transparency was not just a design choice; it was a declaration of vulnerability and strength. From edgy stainless steel jewelry to provocative cuts that left little to the imagination, each piece was a battle cry for freedom, diversity, and acceptance.

The Show: A Tapestry of Talents

Our 40 Person Cast—each model is a distinct beacon of beauty and resilience—were joined by dancers who set the stage ablaze with choreographed performances. The air was thick with emotion, passion dripping from every move, every glance. It was a rhythmic dialogue between the models and the audience, an unspoken yet palpable sense of unity.

The Aftermath: A Movement Ignited

As our founder, Sebastian SK, took the final bow, the applause was not just for a show well-executed but for a revolution sparked. The after-show gathering was not just a party; it was a congregation of like-minded souls, fueled by our incredible sponsors like  Sonett, SZIGETIFreedom Rebels Gin, Autohauskönig, and many more who share our commitment to a better, more inclusive world.

Nights of Ecstasy 2

Join the Revolution

This was not just a runway show; this was MYL BERLIN thrusting a flag into the landscape of fashion and culture. We don't just dress you; we invite you to join a movement. As we continue to push boundaries and shatter norms, we urge you to become a part of this cultural renaissance. Because, in the end, isn't that what fashion should be all about?

MYL BERLIN is not just a brand; it's a call to action. We borrow happiness from tomorrow to fuel us today. So, will you join us in this ecstasy, in this euphoria? Will you join us as we change the course, not just of fashion, but of the world?

This blog post is intended to be a living document, an extension of the MYL Berlin philosophy, and a testament to an evening that challenged us all to look beyond the fabric and see the soul of fashion.

We are MYL BERLIN, and this is our Nights of Ecstasy. Welcome to the revolution.

Nights of Ecstasy 2

Our Pillars of Support: A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Each of them has enabled us to highlight special aspects of our show and to further pursue our vision of diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity. We are proud and grateful to announce the support of our sponsors for London Fashion Week.

Nights of Ecstasy 2


MYL BERLIN stands as a monument to the bold and unique. We challenge the preconceived notions that blind us to the beauty of diversity and its power to change society. MYL is committed to redefining entrenched constructs, offering a haven for those constrained by society's molds. Each collection is meticulously designed to amaze, honoring the singular charm that moves us, and voicing our unwavering message of love and absolute equality. Join us in this movement and our undying call for change and equality.
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