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02 Jul 2022

MYL BERLIN will be exhibiting at this year’s PREMIUM in Berlin.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at booth H18-A 24.

All info and many behind the scenes stories can be found at

New times need new concepts! The Premium Group is expanding its portfolio in the summer to include the consumer festival THE GROUND in addition to the existing PREMIUM and SEEK trade fairs and is presenting numerous innovations for the long-awaited reunion of the industry in Berlin.

The new location Messe Berlin will become the Premium Group cosmos, a holistic inspirational hub for all relevant topics related to fashion, trends, retail, lifestyle, marketing, digitization, sustainability, metaverse and more.

In July, brands and partners can also present themselves to end consumers for the first time as part of the new event THE GROUND, ‘Direct to Consumer’. Consumers get access to THE GROUND, while trade visitors are invited to view the full range and be inspired throughout the site.

PREMIUM: new division into three with new segments

In order to be able to show all relevant segments of advanced contemporary fashion even better and more holistically, the PREMIUM portfolio will be divided into three new areas from the summer. With the segmentation into High, Icon & Volume, large, commercially successful brands as well as more focused designer brands, newcomers and smaller innovators will now find their place. Here the PREMIUM fashion team advises all partners in detail in order to guarantee ideal positioning and the possibility of storytelling.

SEEK: Premiere of the SEEK Conscious Club

Sustainability has been part of the culture of the SEEK brand since it was founded 12 years ago. This is where people who share a common vision have always come together, this is where the community meets.

With the new SEEK Conscious Club, in addition to the SEEK area with well-known and new SEEKERS, a dedicated area for sustainable brands is being created. SEEK offers them the stage and space to grow and the attention to optimally spread brand values. The international SEEK community is represented by niche brands as well as commercially successful players.

And the established TRADE UNION for brands with a particularly sharp sales strategy will once again have an exclusive area in the new location.


MYL BERLIN stands as a monument to the bold and unique. We challenge the preconceived notions that blind us to the beauty of diversity and its power to change society. MYL is committed to redefining entrenched constructs, offering a haven for those constrained by society's molds. Each collection is meticulously designed to amaze, honoring the singular charm that moves us, and voicing our unwavering message of love and absolute equality. Join us in this movement and our undying call for change and equality.
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