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22 Feb 2022

The theme of this year’s collection is “WE WILL OVERCOME” – inspired by the united marches of the Suffragette and student movements – the collection depowers and reimagines stereotypes and definitions. Genderless, strong, made to stomp and be heard.

It is a hymn for equality, which the world has to hear. We will not back down, we will not be shunned, muffled, or put in our place. Rights, laws, the visibility that took long to achieve are being taken away, conservatism and racism are on a rise.


The first clothing collection for MYL BERLIN shines through exceptional precise tailoring and form-giving fabrics that “hug and not squeeze,” as stated by Designer Sebastian SK, the body. Its unisex clothes are meant for all body types and create a beautiful hourglass shape with its clever use of stretch fabric. “When designing this collection, I wanted to create something that emulates the spirit of our jewelry and leather goods – it should accentuate, underline and highlight the person – make them feel good, powerful – let them interpret the collection and style it the way they want” Sebastian SK says during the London Fashion Week Show backstage.

The model selection is brilliant; it is diverse – but it does not feel forced – it is just exciting, and the audience notices the versatility in the clothes, jewelry, and leather goods. This year’s jewelry collection is breathtaking – it is striking, minimal yet bold – it precisely walks the fine line between Avantgarde and Ready-to-wear. It does what the Designer Sebastian SK proclaims – it highlights the wearer – it’s hard to grasp how it does that, but it’s fascinating to watch the models shine, and the audience agrees. The show got raving reviews and feedback from media, audiences, models, and industry leaders.


Founder & Designer of MYL BERLIN:

INTER FIGURA Performance:
Music Runway:
Styling outfits:
Photography & Video:
Samira Günther & partners

Dieter Bonnstädter
Event Partner:
International Modest Fashion Show Samira Günther
lighting technology:
Samira Günther & partners
In the gallery of Peter Lindenberg


MYL BERLIN stands as a monument to the bold and unique. We challenge the preconceived notions that blind us to the beauty of diversity and its power to change society. MYL is committed to redefining entrenched constructs, offering a haven for those constrained by society's molds. Each collection is meticulously designed to amaze, honoring the singular charm that moves us, and voicing our unwavering message of love and absolute equality. Join us in this movement and our undying call for change and equality.
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