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Female Empowerment

14 Jun 2021

Empowerment – “Individuals are given empowerment to create their own dwellings” (Definitions from Oxford Languages).

We decide what empowerment is for us, and we determine what makes us feel empowered. Being a strong, confident woman does not mean looking like a conservative businessman; it means dressing the way you like. It means loving yourself – it means being sexual and flirty one day and running the company the next.

Women are taught that being successful, taken seriously, and in control can only be reached if they restrict their life, style, personality to one conformed, defined, never swaying road.

Why is that? When we have leaders that openly misbehave and do not follow any of the strict moral codes set and preached by them. It’s because we believe “for a boy to look like a girl is degrading //’Cause you think that being a girl is degrading…” (@madonna “What It Feels Like for a Girl” 2000).

Empowerment is to control and love who you are – we often talk about “rising above” the social norm when it’s more like “rising to the equal level.” Many do not get “empowerment.” They think “it’s annoying” or “it’s already here,” – but it’s because they never felt how it is when things that you can’t change or things that make you feel complete force you to justify yourself throughout your entire life, be ridiculed and be denied opportunities.

If you are confident, if you are true to yourself and strong enough to show it proudly, then do it. You might inspire someone else out there to open up and do the same.


MYL BERLIN stands as a monument to the bold and unique. We challenge the preconceived notions that blind us to the beauty of diversity and its power to change society. MYL is committed to redefining entrenched constructs, offering a haven for those constrained by society's molds. Each collection is meticulously designed to amaze, honoring the singular charm that moves us, and voicing our unwavering message of love and absolute equality. Join us in this movement and our undying call for change and equality.
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