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Fashion that goes underneath your skin

30 Aug 2021

Clubwear/Fashion is undeniably intertwined with tattoo artistry – choosing an outfit for a club, festival, or special event; you might want to show off more skin to reveal a tattoo. Something intimate, personal but above all something that is purely you.

Inspired by simple black linework and large body tattoos, our bold leather bags fit perfectly – especially Geschirrtasche 1 is loved for its seductive looks. Our extravagant bags, otherworldly jewelry, miracle-working mouthpieces, and more highlight your bare skin looks like no other.

We’re here for the intrepid darers, fearless pioneers, and exuberant club crawlers. From our years of living in and loving the Berlin nightlife scene, we know how empowering tattoos are.

Tattoos take passion. What’s more, is they come at the price of a painful session – that takes guts. But, no matter how big or small, these skin-inked designs make a bold statement of individualism, self-expression, and pure grit – impressive.

The Tattoo-Fashion Connection

A quick fact: around 38% of the world’s population has a tattoo. That means for every five people you meet on your travels, 2 of them could be hiding a tattoo. Or not. Maybe they’re showing it off for all to see.

‘Otzi the Iceman,’ presumably having spent his life roaming the snowy Otztal alps 3,300 years ago, was kitted out in 54 tattoos. So who’s going to call him an unemployable rebel to his face?

What about the Samoans who’ve woven their culture, ancestry, and community spirit into the very fibers of their skin. Who’s brave enough to call their body art pointless?

Tattoos have been decorative in ancient Egypt, class-based in ancient Rome, and used as a means of communication among spies in Greece. It seems from the very depths of the human soul and psyche comes a deep, unquenchable desire to decorate our bodies.

There must be a reason why as soon as a young child has a pen in hand, they place it against their skin – most of our first tattoos are temporary scribbles. As natural as breathing, we yearn to create and self-express. Some people choose paper, canvases, and walls, while others make use of their skin.

Tattoos are so much more – they are a way to make your body “yours”

Still, the fire within is always the same, no matter the canvas of choice – self-expression, artistic freedom, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, identification with a group, or even drunken impulsiveness. The list goes on depending on who you ask.

The Art of Standing Out

And that’s why we believe you should wear your tattoos and outfits with pride. MYL BERLIN thinks that, we’ve had enough of stifled self-expression, silenced stories, and judgemental looks. As lovers of nightlife and the buzzing Berlin club scene, we’re used to seeing breath-taking displays of self-expression at night that disappear when the sun rises.

In fact, we feel pretty hard done by that some people are sowing the seeds of self-doubt in others’ minds and robbing us of some fantastic body art and daring outfits. So, we’ve decided that empowerment, inspiration, and more pageantry is the only answer!

Because really, what’s nightlife without dazzling jewelry, extravagant bags, a mosaic of tattoos, and a few miracle-working mouthpieces? Why not make the world our club?

We say let the world see the real you with all of your colours and inked lines – it’s about time someone set the sidewalks on fire!

Model: @believe__in_yourself1

Photo: @fallstaff_fotografie


MYL BERLIN stands as a monument to the bold and unique. We challenge the preconceived notions that blind us to the beauty of diversity and its power to change society. MYL is committed to redefining entrenched constructs, offering a haven for those constrained by society's molds. Each collection is meticulously designed to amaze, honoring the singular charm that moves us, and voicing our unwavering message of love and absolute equality. Join us in this movement and our undying call for change and equality.
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